Why brands reach further with great editorial content

Brand publishing is not a new idea. Before you can say, ‘And now for a word from our sponsors…’, we could cite countless examples of companies using non-traditional marketing to get you to buy into what they’re selling.

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Straight-up editorial content on branded sites, however, is still a relatively new concept. Editorial that doesn’t scream ‘Buy our stuff’ but envelops you into the company’s ethos is an increasingly effective way of targeting audiences and enhancing brand identity.

Take RedBull.com for example. With a commitment to brand publishing that outstrips pretty much every other brand out there, the multi-channel site produces high-quality, high-volume creative content with only occasional nods to energy drink sales.

This commitment to storytelling has seen RedBull.com grow in size and popularity in recent years, while contributing to the brand’s current status as the world’s best-selling energy drink.

The platform’s success is very much down to the talent they work with in creating innovative and entertaining editorial content, both internally and externally with consultant production partners.

Very Tall specialises in producing digital content is proud to be the main provider of video and written content for RedBull.com’s Music and Culture channels. In providing a fully managed service, from planning and digital content strategy to production and delivery, we oversee editorial for a global site that feeds into 70-plus territories.

With help from Very Tall, RedBull.com’s Music and Culture social reach has grown to 18 million+ users, 2.2 million+ page impressions and 1.5million+ video views – and it’s growing daily!

As a digital content creation agency with its finger on the cultural pulse, Very Tall helps great brands tell amazing stories. Our team of journalists, photographers, filmmakers, designers and editors devise original content strategies that really connect with target audiences.

Red Bull Media House
I've worked with the Very Tall team for three years. They not only help us cover our own events and artists, but also dream up concepts to broaden our appeal,” says David Granger, Head of International Content Portfolio at Red Bull Media House. “Their ability to spot up-and-coming artists, knowledge of the scene and knack of coming up with innovative content ideas are all pretty damn good.
Former head of international content portfolio,
Red Bull Media House
Laura Misch

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