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How to keep artists and clients happy

On a tight schedule and with everybody wanting a piece of the talent, meeting the demand for quality promo without artists being run ragged is no easy task.

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Take, for example, Noga Erez’s big day out in Brighton.

On the promo trail for her debut album, City Slang’s fierce talent had a lot to squeeze into during her time at The Great Escape earlier this year.

Despite being decidedly time poor, we organised [deep breath…] a studio session, a showcase gig, a fashion photo shoot and interview and an experiential reportage video… all from just half a day’s access.

So not only did we create enough great content to make our clients cock-a-hoop, we also ensured that all worries about spreading the talent too thinly were delicately assuaged.

City Slang were super impressed with our caring, hands-on approach (“We love you guys,” they said!), our ability to quickly respond to demand resulted in a ton of bespoke content for our clients and we helped build buzz around Noga’s album release while promoting her live appearances at the summer’s festivals.

Not bad even if we say so ourselves!

Noga Erez
Noga Erez
Noga Erez

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