The importance of looking after freelancers The importance of looking after freelancers

The importance of looking after freelancers

Very Tall is founded on the principle that people should be paid fairly for the work they do, on time and with no jumping through hoops.

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Just as you wouldn’t fob off a plumber by saying the toilet they just fixed will look good on their portfolio, we pay quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss.

Sadly, this is the exception rather than the rule and having been in the freelance market in the past ourselves, we’re well used to three-month payment terms rolling onto half a year, purchase orders going missing and payroll depts mislaying invoices… It’s not right and it’s not OK.

But why should this matter to your business or brand?

We work with a trusted network of specialists – from filmmakers to journalists, animators to illustrators, editors to sound techs and beyond – and we know we’ll get their best work if they are looked after.

Not only that but our reputation within the freelance community is built on mutual respect and transparency, meaning that we are able to call upon some of the best people in their fields, ultimately leading to great things for our clients.

For better content, better relationships and getting the best out of your creative talent, next time you hire a freelancer, don’t overthink it.

The message is simple, be decent, be fair and pay promptly.

If you need to hire a freelancer for your next creative project,  we would love to hear from you.

Equally, if you’re looking to work with us, the Very Tall gang always loves to hear from writers, filmmakers and editors with a good story.

We love to talk, but we prefer to listen. Get in touch with the team at or give us a call on 0208 1300092