Animations and illustrations: A cost-effective way to tell your story

Discover how pictures can paint a thousand words – and get your story out there!

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We’ve mentioned before that there are many ways to tell your story effectively, but few consider bespoke animation and illustrations as a viable avenue to explore. Which is a shame because it’s not only a creatively freeing alternative but surprisingly cost effective in the long run.

Take, for example, an explainer animation we created for The Student Room. In need of a straightforward and concise way to demonstrate the unique appeal of their pioneering programmatic solution Ada, TSR worked with Very Tall on the animation you can see at the top of the page.

Aside from the obvious benefits of making a potentially tricky subject crystal clear, the animation (featuring a voiceover from a top prize winner at the 2018 One Voice Awards no less!) also provided the look and feel for all subsequent B2B and B2C materials. The upshot being that the client was able to present a uniform message across multiple media for a fraction of the cost than if they had to work with multiple agencies.

Photo and video licensing can be a time and money-consuming enterprise, especially when having to source imagery from expensive picture agencies.

For Red Bull, we came up with a neat solution. By bringing in an illustrator for an ongoing social media video series, our client not only had a unique, on-point illustrative means to tell their story but, unlike licensing media, they outright owned the images for use with future projects and across other platforms.

With some parallax editing to give movement to the imagery, this proved to be a successful and creative solution to a potentially expensive problem – giving scope to roll out future episodes on a wide variety of subjects.

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