Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos

How do you stand out when language is a barrier?

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Here at Very Tall, we work very closely with creating international music and culture content that really grabs audience attention.

But how do you stand out and overcome communication problems when language is a barrier?

Take for example, Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos, a hugely popular annual rap battle. Given that it’s a Spanish-speaking competition, the potential audience is massive. But reaching an international viewership that doesn’t know their los glúteos [arse] from their codo [elbow] is tricky to say the least.

Our solution was to go back to school with a series of (purposely) crappy PSA-style Spanish lessons.

We pinpointed some key Gallos disses (the least offensive ones anyway) and created a series of tutorials. The result was a set of funny, educational, engaging, shareable content that worked around the world.

With a successful premiere and social campaign, the project engaged hundreds of thousands of followers and generated far above-average comment levels. The result was a palpable buzz for the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos World Finals.

So successful in fact was the series that we’ve been commissioned for further series.

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