Noga Erez Noga Erez

Noga Erez

When your artist is available for just a short amount of time and everyone wants a piece of them, how do you meet the demand for a large volume of high-quality editorial?

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Very Tall have a great reputation for treating artists, bands and creative types right.

Working with Berlin-based label City Slang and artist Noga Erez, we organised a studio session, a showcase gig, a fashion photo shoot and interview, an experiential reportage video and a headline performance… all from just half a day’s access.

This bespoke EPK helped build buzz around Noga’s album release and promoted her live appearances at festivals.

Noga Erez
Noga Erez
Very Tall are incredibly professional, ridiculously creative, beyond talented and most importantly, big music lovers with huge hearts!
Krista Schmidt,
Marketing Director,
City Slang
Noga Erez

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