Cherophobia Cherophobia


How do you balance the needs of a disabled creative, a client’s expectations and 20,000 helium-filled balloons?

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With high-quality content often in huge demand, the wants and needs of the subject can often be overlooked. At Very Tall, we find that being a compassionate human being is key to not only a good user experience for all involved, but also allows for better storytelling opportunities.

Take, for example, performance artist Noëmi Lakmaier.

For her durational piece Cherophobia (adj: an abnormal fear of happiness), Noemi was bound and attached to 20,000 helium-filled balloons.

We received a creative pitch to partner with Noëmi to tell her wonderfully absurd tale. The resulting short film was to run on, but how do you start to tell a story like this? How do you partner a disabled creative with a big brand and ensure that fears are assuaged, the artistic vision isn’t compromised and the story is told correctly?

The key to the successful delivery of project was the relationship we built with Noëmi, building trust, quelling concerns and ensuring the filming was respectful and unobtrusive. We are passionate about providing artists with unique platforms to tell amazing stories and this piece was also key to Noëmi’s portfolio. In her own words, she loved the film (which she used to apply for further Arts Council funding) and working with us.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Very Tall on my durational performance Cherophobia,” said Noemi. “Their professionalism and impeccable understanding of and sensitivity towards the concept and the needs of my performance, as well as the beautiful result have made it a joy to work with this company.”

The end result was that our clients received creative content in which the subject was literally given wings (bang on target for them), while the value to the artist’s ongoing career is clear. The very definition of a win-win.

Their professionalism and sensitivity towards my project made it a joy to work with them.
Noëmi Lakmaier,
Performance Artist

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