How to create outstanding video content on a budget

So you need an effective video marketing tool and you’re working to a very limited budget, but you don’t want things to look cheap and cheerful. You’re not asking for the moon on a stick right?

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Well there are ways of getting what you want without paying big bucks. Take, for example, a recent project we did for our friends at the Royal British Legion.

They needed an effective way of asking their members to sign up for a major anniversary event taking place later this year. They’re a charity, so budgets are small but their reach is vast.

So, working closely with the Legion, we were able to source royalty-free drone video, cheap stock film and licensed newsreel footage. We worked together on the script and a Legion staff member provided the voiceover (captured on an iPhone with a voice record app and a lapel mic adaptor). Using free video editing software, the edit was quick and painless and the end result is, considering the minute cost, an undeniable success.

Thanks to the video (watch it in the player above), a large number of Royal British Legion members have signed up to the remembrance event, resulting in significant funds raised that more than justify the small outlay on the project. Proof then that you can spend little and still make a big impact, lest we forget.

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