Keeping creative under quarantine

In an attempt to keep people entertained and profiles raised in these strange times, we’ve been inviting artists to get involved in the Kitchen Sink Sessions.

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It’s a weird time for everyone right now. Not least, musicians who are struggling to be heard, to create and to keep their heads above water during the COVID-19 crisis.

That’s why we came up with the Kitchen Sink Sessions.

With the current world order calling for ever more creative and authentic storytelling to help artists standout, this series challenges artists to perform one of their tracks using instruments and utensils – everything including the kitchen sink!

We’ve already enlisted the likes of Grace Savage, Manu Delago, The Venopian Solitude, Louisa Maria (and many more to be released) and we’re inviting all musicians to take part.

To get involved, you can record straight to your phone, our crew will get it edited and badged up and we’ll push it on our socials, along with shares from partners, labels and platforms – all helping to keep your profile out there while you’re locked indoors!

All we ask is you choose an angle in the room that isn’t too backlit, and clearly shows it is indeed a kitchen.

Shoot as wide as you can, placing yourself centre of frame and facing the camera. There’s no need to edit the video, colour grade it or add any filters etc – we’ll take care of that!

Being a music artist, we expect you will have your own preferences on how best to record sound, it’s fine to record in-camera on a phone or you may record separately and send the file for us to sync up – just be sure to give us a good clap to camera before you start!

A short and sweet intro would also be great: A simple variation of ‘Hi we’re … and this is a Kitchen Sink cover of our track…’

We ask that you get the performance in one long take, but you may, of course, take as many goes getting it right as you choose – the more creative uses of as many kitchen utensils and appliances the better – just make sure you wash your hands before cooking this up!

Drop us a line at if you have any questions!

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