In defence of the explainer video

If you struggle to articulate what’s unique about your brand, an explainer video can help you cut through the noise and give your audience a reason to care.

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Think of video as your digital business card.

Audiences love them because they are easy to digest: you can turn the complex into concise and dry into delicious.

Marketers can’t be everywhere at once but videos are accessible to anyone on the internet, giving a potentially huge ROI.

Finally, we all have faces for radio these days and, while film is more challenging to produce under social distancing rules, it opens up some creative ways to connect with your audience.

Using animation and illustration, you can create engaging and cost-effective content that is perfectly optimised for social media and the times we live in.

In the video below, see how The Student Room are helping brands and Universities connect with an audience of over 10m users aged 14-24.

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