Jake Bugg live session

We teamed up with Sony Music for a multi-media project to boost Jake Bugg’s new album release.

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Despite still being only 26 years old, Jake Bugg is gearing up for the release of his fifth (FIFTH!) studio album. His latest single, Kiss Like The Sun, is currently going gangbusters, so we were approached by Sony Music to film a live session featuring that self-same track and two other upcoming releases.

This was one of those shoots where we chucked everything at it to create a compelling, frenetic and visually appealing visual aesthetic. Working with an extended crew, we employed specialist lighting, a circular dolly and an ARRI cinema camera, as well as some more analogue techniques (VHS video camera and 16mm film camera included) to present a mixed-media explosion that keeps the viewer on their toes.

The benefit to the client being a standout session that enhances the music and elevates the visuals above the standard. In other words, another Very Tall project that stands out from the crowd.

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